We asked 5 moms to test 23 beach bags. They picked the 11 bags below.

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Beach days are an age-old tradition, bringing joy, relaxation, and the perfect dose of sunshine. In the midst of the ongoing boom in beach vacations and seaside outings, beach bags have emerged as more than just a simple accessory – they are now an essential for every beach-loving individual, especially moms juggling multiple tasks and children.

We’ve identified the best beach bags and will help you find the best one based on your needs. For beginners diving into the beach culture, the best pool bag acts as a trusty sidekick, keeping all essentials in one place. Seasoned beachgoers know that the variety of beach bags available is vast, catering to a range of user needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish, functional, or kid-proof, there’s a bag out there for you. This blog post will dive into the 11 best beach bags for moms in 2023, offering category-specific recommendations. Plus, we’ll provide a FAQ section to answer any burning questions.

Buyer’s Guide: Key Considerations for Choosing a Beach Bag

  • Material Quality: Ensure it’s durable, water-resistant, and capable of withstanding the sand and sun.
  • Size & Capacity: Large enough to hold towels, sunscreen, snacks, toys, and other beach essentials.
  • Compartments & Organization: Look for multiple pockets, both internal and external, for easy accessibility and organization of items like phones, keys, and sunglasses.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The bag should be easy to shake out, wipe down, or even machine wash if needed.
  • Style & Aesthetics: Choose a design that resonates with your personal style, whether it’s vibrant, minimalist, or patterned.
  • Comfortable Straps: Ensure straps are both sturdy and comfortable, especially if you’re carrying heavy items.
  • Closure Mechanism: A good closure system (zipper, drawstring, snap) keeps your items secure and prevents them from spilling out.
  • Kid-Friendly Features: If you have kids, opt for bags with waterproof compartments, insulated pockets for snacks, or attached toy nets.
  • Price & Brand: Ensure you’re getting good value for your money. Consider reputable brands known for quality and longevity.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Consider options made from sustainable or recycled materials if environmental impact is a concern for you.
  • Versatility: Opt for bags that can double as a regular tote or shopping bag when not used for the beach.

Why You Should Trust Our Review?

  • User Experiences: Our primary metric is real-life feedback. We’ve compiled reviews and feedback from various moms and beachgoers to get a comprehensive understanding of each bag’s performance.
  • Comprehensive Research: Before listing any product, we do extensive market research, considering factors like popularity, features, and user feedback.
  • Expert Opinions: Our team includes experienced product reviewers and beach enthusiasts who understand the nitty-gritty of what makes a beach bag outstanding.
  • Hands-On Testing: Some of the bags have been personally tested by our team, ensuring firsthand knowledge of the product’s quality and features.
  • Diverse Needs Consideration: We recognize that different readers have varying needs. Our list is curated keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our audience.
  • Transparency: Whenever there are affiliate links or potential biases, we disclose them. Our goal is to give you honest, straightforward advice.

What are the Best Beach Bags for Moms in 2023?

  • Best Overall: Le Beach
  • Best Budget: Stripe Beach Bag
  • Best Value for Money: Family Tote Bag
  • Most Beautiful: Anti Bad Vibes by Roxy
  • Best Large: Foundry by Fit + Fresh

1. Le Beach

5/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

5/5 for Price

Best Overall Beach Bag for Moms in 2023: Le Beach by Santa Barbara

Made of durable canvas and leatherLimited material description (only 10% known)
Imported qualityNo Closure mechanism
Polycotton lining for added durabilityCare restricted to hand wash only
Spacious with a large size of 20 x 11-inchesMinimalistic design details
Warning about counterfeit to ensure genuine buy

Le Beach by Santa Barbara showcases the beauty of simplicity. Crafted primarily of robust canvas, complemented by leather touches, this tote is a testament to durability. The polycotton lining adds an extra layer of resilience. Its spacious dimensions make it ideal for those seeking ample storage, although some might find the lack of closure less secure. The care instructions, limited to hand wash, ensure longevity but might pose an inconvenience for some. Santa Barbara’s emphasis on avoiding counterfeits speaks to their commitment to quality. While details on the design are sparse, it’s a versatile bag for those who appreciate understated elegance.

2. Stripe Beach Bag

4/5 for Build Quality

4/5 for Space

5/5 for Price

Best Budget Beach Bag for Moms in 2023: Stripe Beach Bag by Becokan

Large capacity comfortably fits all beach essentials.Polyester material might lack breathability.
Waterproof material protects contents from water damage.Limited color/design details provided.
Dedicated wet compartment for separating damp items.
Versatile use beyond just beach outings.
Soft rope and zipper closure ensures security and easy handling.

The Stripe Beach Bag is the quintessential beach buddy every traveler needs. Boasting an extra-large capacity, it effortlessly houses beach towels, sunblock, snacks, and other essentials, making it perfect for a family outing. A standout feature is its dedicated wet compartment, ensuring damp and dry items are kept separate. Crafted from top-grade waterproof polyester, this bag promises durability and protection against unexpected splashes. The soft rope and zippered closure not only ensure your items’ safety but also offer a comfortable carrying experience. Although some might find the polyester less breathable, its waterproof benefits make it a worthy beach companion.

3. Family Tote Bag

4/5 for Build Quality

4/5 for Space

4/5 for Price

Best Value for Money Beach Bag for Moms in 2023: Family Tote Bag by Vera Bradley

Made of recycled material (50% recycled plastic exterior)Mesh design might not suit all tastes
Lightweight, water-repellent fabric
Machine washable for easy cleaning
Versatile for everyday use
Mesh closure effectively sifts out sand
Additional pockets for organized storage
Carry-on compliant for air travel
Spacious with 15 x 14 x 10 inches dimension

The Family Tote Bag by Vera Bradley is a thoughtful blend of sustainability and functionality. With half its exterior fabric crafted from recycled plastic, it demonstrates a nod to eco-conscious choices. The lightweight, water-repellent material promises durability while remaining soft to the touch, and the added bonus of machine washability ensures easy upkeep. Its mesh design, though not everyone’s preference, offers a practical solution to beach visits, ensuring no unwanted sand is carried home. The tote boasts pockets designed for organization, and its dimensions make it perfect for daily use and air travel alike. It’s a trendy companion for diverse occasions.

4. Anti Bad Vibes by Roxy

5/5 for Build Quality

4/5 for Space

3/5 for Price

Most Beautiful Beach Bag for Moms in 2023: Anti Bad Vibes by Roxy

Made of 100% cotton for a natural feelLimited to one main compartment
Durable polyester liningHook and loop closure might not be as secure as zippers
Attractive printed canvas fabric
Versatile size with ample space (15.7″ x 15.3″ x 6.5″)
Inside zip-up pocket for added organization
Imported quality

Roxy’s “Anti Bad Vibes” Tote Bag seamlessly combines style with practicality. Crafted from 100% cotton, it offers a soft and natural touch, complemented by a durable polyester lining that enhances its longevity. The printed canvas, in its bright white subtly salty hue, lends an air of sophistication, making it suitable for various occasions. While the single main compartment might be limiting for some, the bag is generously sized and features an inside zip-up pocket for better organization. The hook and loop closure ensures easy access, though some might yearn for the security of a zipper. Overall, it’s a chic and functional choice for everyday use.

5. Foundry

4/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

3/5 for Price

Best Large Beach Bags for Moms in 2023: Foundry by Fit + Fresh

Extremely spacious (27.5”x11”x 18.5”)Specific aesthetic may not appeal to all
Made with water-resistant cottonMight be too large for light packers
Can handle heavy loads up to 50lbs
3 interior pockets for organization
Two sets of straps for versatility in carrying
Part of the reputable Fit + Fresh brand

The Foundry by Fit + Fresh is the Best Large Beach Bags for Moms as it emerges as a beacon of convenience and style for those with wanderlust. Offering copious space, this weekender bag effortlessly holds travel essentials, ensuring you’re always prepared for an adventure. Crafted from water-resistant cotton, it promises durability, allowing it to shoulder heavy loads without a hiccup. The interior pockets are a nod to organization, ensuring essentials are easily accessible. The dual strap system enhances its versatility, catering to both over-the-shoulder and hands-on carriers. While its sheer size might be overwhelming for some, it’s undeniable that this tote is a testament to Fit + Fresh’s commitment to functional and stylish design.

6. Beach Tote Bag

3/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

4/5 for Price

6th Bag On Our List

You can put your own letter in place of “A”Hand wash only
Waterproof and sand-proof designMight be too specific in aesthetic for some
Sturdy bottom protecting fragile items
Double zipper closure for added security
Large capacity with separate wet and dry compartments
Inner side pocket with zipper for important items
Stylish embroidered garland and high-density monogram

The YOOLIFE Beach Tote Bag offers a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Crafted from high-quality fabric, it promises protection against both water and sand – a blessing for beachgoers. The embroidered garland and monogram add a touch of elegance, making it versatile enough for daily use and special occasions alike. It boasts a spacious interior, thoughtfully segmented to accommodate both wet and dry items, ensuring belongings remain organized. The sturdy bottom is a noteworthy addition, safeguarding delicate items. While its hand-wash-only care might be a tad inconvenient, the brand’s attentive customer service promises a hassle-free shopping experience. A commendable choice for those seeking both style and utility.

7. Mesh Tote Bag

3/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

5/5 for Price

7th Bag On Our List

Extra-large storage capacityMight be too large for single users
Can hold items for 4-6 peopleMesh design might not protect against sand for all items
Features 8 pockets for organization
Waterproof inner pocket protects valuables
Lightweight and foldable for portability
Sturdy ripstop mesh can hold up to 160 pounds
Multi-functional and versatile usage
Reinforced design and convenient loops

The Mesh Beach Bag for Women truly encapsulates the essence of convenience and style. With its expansive storage, it comfortably caters to a group of 4-6, ensuring everything from towels to snacks find a place. The eight pockets, including a waterproof inner pocket, make organization a breeze, safeguarding your essentials from water and sand. Its lightweight nature, combined with the ability to fold, ensures effortless portability. The bag’s durability is noteworthy, thanks to the sturdy ripstop mesh which boasts a holding capacity of an impressive 160 pounds. While its vast size might be overwhelming for solo users, its multi-functional design makes it apt for a plethora of occasions. A well-thought-out product that bridges functionality with aesthetics.

8. Green Mesh Tote Bag

3/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Price

5/5 for Price

8th Bag On Our List

Extra Large Storage accommodates numerous beach essentials.Mesh design may expose contents.
9 Multifunctional pockets help with organization.Might be too large for some users.
Durable construction with 600D Polyester and mesh.
Lightweight and foldable for easy storage and portability.
Versatile use beyond just beach outings.
Comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

The Green Mesh Beach Bag is not just your typical beach companion—it’s a travel essential. With its ample storage space, you can easily pack for an entire day’s outing, whether it’s the beach or shopping. Its 9 pockets are nothing short of a blessing, ensuring everything has its place, from large beach towels to tiny keys. The inner zippered pocket provides a sense of security for valuables. Made with durable materials, it promises longevity and can withstand significant weight. Its versatility is also commendable, proving handy not just at the beach but almost anywhere. However, its size might be overwhelming for some, and the mesh design could expose some contents. Nevertheless, with a lifetime guarantee, this bag is more than worth a shot.

9. Jute Tote

4/5 for Build Quality

4/5 for Space

3/5 for Price

9th Bag On Our List

Made of 100% natural jute fibersMini size might not be suitable for larger items
Durable riveted leather handlesLimited design with only “BEACH” text
Waterproof lining – easy cleaning
Convenient inside pocket for small essentials
Versatile usage – shopping, travel, picnics, and more
Part of a wider “Hold Everything Collection” by the brand

The Jute Tote by Santa Barbara is a beautifully crafted bag, made of 100% natural jute fibers that give it an earthy aesthetic. Its riveted leather handles not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure durability. The bag’s waterproof lining is a boon, making spill clean-ups a breeze. Although its mini size may not be everyone’s preference, it’s perfect for carrying daily essentials, and the inner pocket is a thoughtful addition. The “BEACH” text design might limit its aesthetic appeal to beach outings. However, its versatility shines through, making it suitable for various occasions. Plus, it being part of the wider collection offers more matching options to explore.

10. Beach Bag by KUAK

5/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

3/5 for Price

10th Bag On Our List

Waterproof, sandproof, and durable material.Style might not appeal to everyone.
Comes with bonus items: phone case, key holder, and bottle opener.At 1.2 lbs, might be a tad heavy for some.
Large capacity and lightweight, can hold up to 33 pounds.
Multiple pockets for organization with a secure zipper closure.
Multipurpose use and stylish design.

The KUAK Beach Bag encapsulates the needs of a modern traveler. Its waterproof and sandproof nature ensures your belongings stay pristine. With an impressive capacity, it comfortably houses beach essentials while still being lightweight. The bag stands out with thoughtful additions – a waterproof phone case, key holder, and even a bottle opener, offering a blend of style and function. The multiple pockets, coupled with a secure zipper, keep items organized and safe. Although the design might not cater to all aesthetics, its multipurpose use and diverse patterns make it a must-have. It’s a confident mix of style, utility, and promise.

11. Keho Waterproof Beach Bag

4/5 for Build Quality

5/5 for Space

4/5 for Price

11th Bag On Our List

Made of durable leather material.Leather might require more care than other materials.
Stylish and functional with a large capacity.Might be too large for those seeking a compact bag.
Updated over-the-shoulder handles for easy carrying.Design might not cater to all tastes.
Interior fully waterproof lining to store wet items.
Multiple hidden pockets for organized storage.

The Keho Waterproof Beach Bag is a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Crafted from leather, it promises durability while exuding elegance, making it versatile enough to complement any outfit. One of its standout features is its sizable capacity; from wet beach towels to magazines, it can hold it all without getting fully soaked, thanks to the interior waterproof lining. The updated over-the-shoulder handles, designed in response to customer feedback, ensure comfort during carriage. However, those seeking a more compact option might find its size overwhelming. Backed by a solid customer satisfaction guarantee, this bag from a dedicated veteran-owned company speaks volumes about commitment to quality.


Why do moms need a special kind of beach bag?

Moms often juggle a variety of items, from kid’s toys to sunscreen. A dedicated beach bag can make organizing easier and provide space for all essentials. Therefore, looking for the best beach bag for moms is worth it.

What is the best pool bag for moms?

Le Beach by Santa Barbara is the best pool bag for moms in 2023. It gets this title because of its robust build quality and pool bag design which makes it suitable for a day by the pool.

Are these beach bags water-resistant or waterproof?

While some bags on our list are water-resistant, it’s important to check individual product details to ensure they meet your needs.

How did you select the top 11 beach bags for this list?

Our selection criteria include durability, design, storage capacity, features for organization, customer reviews, and overall value for money.

Can these bags be used for purposes other than going to the beach?

Absolutely! Many of the beach bags on our list are versatile enough to be used for picnics, shopping, or even as a daily tote.

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable options on the list?

Yes, we’ve included a few eco-friendly options (3. Family Tote Bag) made from sustainable or recycled materials.

How do I clean and maintain my beach bag?

Cleaning instructions may vary based on materials. Generally, most bags can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Always check the manufacturer’s care guidelines.

Are these bags suitable for moms with multiple kids?

Several bags on our list are spacious enough to cater to the needs of moms with multiple kids. Look for options with multiple compartments and larger storage capacity.

Do any of these bags come with cooler compartments for food and drinks?

Some bags do feature insulated pockets or compartments. We’ll specify this in the individual product descriptions.

How do the prices of these beach bags compare?

We’ve curated a range of bags to fit various budgets, from affordable options to more premium choices.

What should I consider when choosing a beach bag?

Think about size, material, the number of compartments, durability, design, and any special features like waterproofing or cooler compartments.

Where can I purchase these bags?

We recommend clicking on the product links provided in the article for direct purchase or more information.