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Audio entertainment has come a long way since its inception. From books to podcasts to original series, the world is listening, and it’s listening more than ever.

With numerous platforms available, one that stands tall and clear above the rest is Amazon Audible. We’ll you know what we like, and what we don’t like.

Amazon Audible: Pros and Cons

Vast selection of audiobooks and original contentSubscription costs, though relatively affordable, can add up over time
Convenient for multitasking (listen while doing other activities)Not all books available in print or e-book form are available on Audible
Award-winning, user-friendly appListening to a book is a different experience from reading
Allows offline listening, making it travel-friendlyRegional restrictions might limit some titles based on user location
Multiple pricing tiers to suit different needsSome may prefer various natures of physical books
Space-saving compared to physical booksIt’s digital, so lacks the tactile feel and charm of physical books
Environmentally friendly (reduces need for paper)Quality of narration can vary, and might not match every listener’s preference
Regular promotions and discounts for membersDependence on a device and battery life
Exclusive content unavailable elsewhereCan lead to increased screen time if users also explore the app’s features and shop frequently
Easy to switch between devices without losing spotRequires reliable internet for downloading content

Remember, the value and relevance of each pro and con can vary based on individual preferences and needs. This table provides a general overview to assist in decision-making.

1. An Unrivaled Selection:

Audible offers a massive library, boasting an extensive catalog that promises not just quantity but quality. Whether you’re into fiction, non-fiction, self-help, science, history, or original series, Audible has something for everyone. The commitment to fresh and original content ensures that users always have something new to look forward to.

2. Economical Plans:

With plans as affordable as $7.95 for Audible Plus and $14.95 for Premium Plus, you’re investing in a vast audio repository that’s more cost-effective than buying individual books or subscribing to various other platforms. When you consider the breadth and depth of content available, the value becomes evident.

3. Award-winning App:

It’s one thing to have great content; it’s another to have a seamless interface that lets you enjoy that content without hindrance. The Audible app is a testament to Amazon’s dedication to user experience. Its intuitive design, offline listening feature, and customizable playback speeds make it a joy for both seasoned audiophiles and newbies.

4. Flexibility and Accessibility:

The beauty of Audible is the sheer convenience. Whether you’re commuting, working out, cooking, or just lounging, you can immerse yourself in a gripping narrative or learn something new. You can switch devices without losing your spot, making it easy to transition from, say, your morning commute with your phone to your evening relaxation with your tablet.

5. Exclusive Content:

Audible isn’t just about audiobooks. It’s about pushing the envelope of audio entertainment. Subscribers often get access to exclusive series, interviews, and performances that aren’t available anywhere else. This commitment to innovation makes Audible a frontrunner in the audio entertainment industry.

6. User-Centric Features:

Beyond the usual playback features, Audible has integrated user-centric options such as sleep timers for bedtime listeners, clips and bookmarks for referencing, and an in-app store for seamless browsing and purchasing.

7. Discover New Interests:

With Audible’s vast collection, it’s easy to stumble upon genres or authors you’ve never considered before. The platform frequently offers recommendations based on listening habits, ensuring that users always have fresh content tailored to their tastes.

8. Saves Physical Space:

While physical books have their charm, they also require storage. For avid readers, this can quickly translate to clutter. Audible offers a space-saving solution without compromising on the joy of ‘reading’.

9. Promotes Multitasking:

One of the biggest advantages of audio content is the ability to multitask. Whether you’re driving, cleaning, or even showering, Audible allows you to consume content without requiring your full visual attention.

10. Eco-Friendly Option:

By opting for digital audio content, you’re also choosing a more sustainable entertainment method that reduces the need for paper and transportation resources associated with traditional books.

In conclusion, Amazon Audible offers an unmatched blend of selection, quality, user experience, and value for money. Its commitment to enhancing the listening experience and constantly updating its catalog ensures that it remains at the forefront of audio entertainment. For anyone keen on expanding their knowledge, diving into enthralling tales, or simply making the most of their downtime, Audible is an investment worth making.

Pricing and Plans

With plans starting at just $7.95/month for Audible Plus and $14.95 for Premium Plus after a generous 30-day free trial, there’s more than one reason to make Audible your primary source for audio content.


1. What is Amazon Audible?

  • Audible is Amazon’s platform for audio entertainment, offering a vast collection of audiobooks, podcasts, and original audio series.

2. How much does Audible cost?

  • Audible offers various plans, with the Audible Plus priced at $7.95/month and the Premium Plus at $14.95/month after a 30-day free trial.

3. What is the difference between Audible Plus and Premium Plus?

  • Premium Plus members get additional benefits such as a monthly credit that can be used to buy any audiobook, regardless of its price. Plus members can listen to the Audible Plus Catalog but won’t receive monthly credits.

4. Do I need an Amazon account to join Audible?

  • Yes, you can use your existing Amazon account to join Audible or create a new one.

5. Can I listen to Audible on all my devices?

  • Yes, Audible is compatible with a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

6. What happens after my free trial ends?

  • If you choose not to cancel, you’ll be automatically billed based on the plan you’ve chosen (Plus or Premium Plus).

7. Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

  • Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalties.

8. What happens to my audiobooks if I cancel my subscription?

  • Even if you cancel your subscription, you will retain access to all the audiobooks you’ve purchased.

9. How often is new content added to Audible?

  • Audible constantly updates its catalog with new titles in various genres, ensuring fresh content for its users.

10. Can I exchange an audiobook if I didn’t like it?

  • Yes, with Audible’s Great Listen Guarantee, Premium Plus members can exchange audiobooks they’re not satisfied with.

11. Can I share an audiobook with a friend?

  • Yes, with Audible’s “Send this Book” feature, you can share audiobooks with friends and family.

12. Is there a limit to how many audiobooks I can download?

  • No, you can download as many audiobooks as you’ve purchased or have credits for.

13. Do the audiobooks come with written transcripts?

  • Generally, no. Audible focuses on audio content, so written transcripts are not typically included. However, some titles might offer accompanying PDFs.

14. Is the Audible app available worldwide?

  • While Audible is available in many countries, the content library may vary based on your location due to licensing agreements.

15. Can I listen to Audible offline?

  • Yes, once you’ve downloaded an audiobook to your device, you can listen to it offline without an internet connection.